Who Must Enroll in EFMP?                                                                      

U.S. Army


U.S. Army Active Duty Includes U.S. Army Active Duty Soldiers, both enlisted and officers.

Soldier filling out paperwork
Army Reserve

U.S. Army Reserve AGR
Includes U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers
in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) program.
Mobilized and deployed Soldiers are not required to enroll in EFMP

Soldiers Married to Soldiers Soldiers that are members of the Army Married Couples Program must both enroll in the EFMP when they have a qualified EFM.
National Guard

U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers not serving in an AGR status may voluntarily enroll into the EFMP before entering an eligible active duty status to gain access to the EFMP immediately upon entering a status that is eligible to receive EFMP services.

Enrollment is accomplished by submitting a completed DD 2792, Medical Summary (completed by the Family member’s doctor) and/or DD 2792-1, Educational Summary (completed by the child’s school) to the appropriate medical EFMP office.

For assistance please click here so you can be directed to the correct office.