Screening Requirements                                                                         

Soldiers who want authorization for accompanied travel to overseas assignments must have their Family members screened for special needs. The Army EFMP does not screen the Soldier, only the Family members. The Army has an ongoing process that monitors the Soldier's fitness for duty.
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Two maps of the world.  The first identifies an assignment from a location in the United States to Germany; the second map identifies an assignment between two locations within Germany.Assignment OCONUS (Includes Alaska and Hawaii) Electing Accompanied TourCurrent Assignment OCONUS Requesting ITT, COT, IPCOT or FSTE

It is highly recommended that Soldiers DO NOT arrange to ship household goods or terminate living arrangements until the overseas screening process has been completed (approximately 30 days) and family members have be authorized to travel.  Soldiers, who proceed with transition plans prior to being notified by the Family Travel Branch that family travel has been authorized, may be required to complete an all others tour (without family members) in the overseas command.