Army MTF EFMP Practitioner Completes DA Form 5888                                                         

Only an Army MTF EFMP practitioner completes Part B of DA Form 5888. The EFMP practitioner reviews the completed DA Form 7246 and appropriate medical records and discusses the medical and educational needs of the Family members. 

Keep the following in mind:

  • Unless there is sufficient recent information available, children under 72 months are required to have a physical exam and a developmental screen.
  • A physical examination is required for Family members over 72 months of age in the absence of sufficient medical data on which to base a decision about the existence of qualifying special need.
  • If examinations are necessary, the Family members are asked to make the appropriate appointments with their health care providers and make a follow-up appointment with the EFMP office.

Special Note: If you know that your Family requires screening, make sure that all of their records are up-to-date and that they have had a recent visit to their healthcare provider. It's a good idea to see their primary care provider early in the process. You want to be sure that all Family members are in good health before you travel overseas.