Current Assignment OCONUS Requesting ITT, COT, IPCOT, or FSTE                                   

When Soldiers who are currently assigned to an Outside of the Continental United States (OCONUS) duty location request an Intra Theater Transfer (ITT), Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT), In Place Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT), or Foreign Service Tour Extension (FSTE) their Family members must complete the screening process prior to requesting this personnel action.

For helpful information about these personnel actions, select an option below. Checklists for:

ITT PDF document

COT PDF document

COT (Pacific) PDF document

IPCOT PDF document

FSTE PDF document


Why is it necessary for additional screening if the Family is already overseas? Soldiers who are overseas and request consecutive overseas tours in the same location, or an overseas tour to another location either in the same theater or in another overseas theater, must ensure their Family members are screened. The needs of Family members may change over time or the Regional Health Command (RHC) may project that health care resources are likely to change in the near future.